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Couple’s Ministry

This ministry is designed to equip couples with the necessary tools to have a successful marriage.


Culinary Ministry

Helps to prepare nutritious meals for members on special events.


Missionary Ministry

This ministry exists to spread the love of Jesus Christ through their work in homeless shelters, nursing homes and other community places while visiting the sick and shut-in and wherever else the Lord calls them to serve locally. To also to minister globally and support Global missionaries in evangelizing the world for Christ.


Mother’s Ministry

This ministry exists to mentor younger women in the church and train them on the proper way to carry themselves in a Christ-like manner.


Music Ministry

Jeremiah’s Music Ministry includes a variety of different choirs.


J. Crew Music Ministry

Provides musical direction to the Praise Team, the Voices of Jeremiah Gospel Choir, and the Inspirational Choir.


Praise Team (Created 2 Prayz)

This is an informal group of singers who lead worship through song at the beginning of worship service.


Voices of Jeremiah Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir specializes in spiritual, traditional and contemporary gospel songs.


Inspirational Choir

The Inspirational Choir is open to young adults ages 13 to 25 who enjoy singing contemporary gospel.


Praise Dance Team

This ministry glorifies God by spreading His Word through dance interpretation.


New Members Ministry

This ministry helps new members in their spiritual development. They greet the new members and teach classes that inform them of the churches mission and the Pastor’s vision.


Nurse’s Ministry

The primary responsibility is to provide care and medical attention to the congregation. In addition, the Nurse’s Ministry assists the Pastor in various capacities during regular service. The church nurse also services the congregation as a health advocate.


Pastor’s Love Society Ministry

The primary responsibility is to care for the Pastor and his family ensuring their spiritual and physical needs are met.


S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Ministry

(Seeking Inspiration, Spiritual Truth and Encouragement to Reach Souls). This Women’s ministry meets to encourage one another, plan Women’s activities, and discuss ways of meeting the needs of women in the church.


MEN of P.O.W.E.R

(Prepared to Obtain Wisdom, Excellence, and Respect. This ministry is designed to equip men to endure the spiritual battle that they each face in their daily lives. The ministry exists to equip men to be effective husbands and spiritual leaders within their homes and marriages while seeking to build Christian character and self-esteem among men. This Men’s ministry gather to share their faith with other men encouraging fellowship and participation in worship. Real men, Do the DEW Discipleship, Evangelism, and Worship.


Media Ministry

This ministry handles the sound and media for the church. The ministry also assists in photography for church functions, pastor’s sermons, and broadcasting. This ministry also utilizes the innovation of the Internet to reach the lost.


Greeters Ministry

This ministry greets visitors and members as they enter the Sanctuary.


Usher Ministry

This ministry assists all congregants with their worship care needs and controls movement in the House of God. They are responsible for the seating of the congregation, maintaining order throughout the service, and distributing programs, guides and welcome packets to all.


Children and Youth Ministry

This ministry exists to connect teenagers and young adults with Christ. It does this by helping them establish Christian friends, encouraging them to commit to follow Jesus and having compassion toward others, through mentoring and tutoring programs, Bible studies, retreats, and other activities.


Deacon Ministry

This ministry works along side the Pastor to assist the congregation’s needs. This servant ministry assists the pastor in promoting the vision and the mission of the church.


Tribal Ministry

This ministry is to promote fellowship and small group study within the church. It is to get members not involved in a ministry to volunteer in doing meaningful ministry.